Power Distribution Unit + (ePDU-004)

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EV Electronics in a Single Integrated Unit

  • Includes Accessory Inverters,
    DCDC converters, & chargers
  • Simplifies cooling in one unit
  • Eliminates roughly 50% of high
    voltage and low voltage wiring
  • Only 61.6 Ibs. Saves over 100 Ibs
    vs separate units
  • Lower cost by nearly $1,000 than
    separate units
  • Lower integration cost and labor

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Included in PDU: 2.5kW DCDC Converter
Included in PDU: 5.5kW Steering Accessory Drive
Included in PDU: 5.5kW Braking Accessory Drive
Included in PDU: Main Contactors
Included in PDU: Precharge Contractor/Resistor
Included in PDU: All Fusing
Inputs: 2 Battery String Inputs
Inputs: DC Fast Charge Input
Outputs: 1 Drive Inverter Outputs (600V)
Outputs: 3 Phase outputs from Integral Inverters for steering pump and air compressor
Outputs: 600VDC to AC Compressor
Outputs: 600VDC to Heater
Outputs: 600VDC High Power PTO Output
Outputs: 600VDC to other Accessories (2)
Outputs: 12V out from integral DCDC